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Tiny Tech

Tiny Tech is a software program to aid you in diagnosing any problems you might have with your MIDItools® unit. It is shipped as an OTP (One Time Programmable) EPROM that you just pop into your assembled MIDItools®.

TinyTech will help you troubleshoot your MIDItools® Computer by helping you determine if any of the following components/modules are connected or assembled improperly: the liquid crystal display (LCD); the LCD backlight; the 8 pushbutton switches; the 16 LEDs; the A-to-D converter; the data potentiometer; the MIDI circuitry; and the EEPROM circuitry (if applicable).


The basic troubleshooting process is:

[1] Run each test in the order given.
[2] If the test results differ from those given in the manual, you have found a problem.
[3] Turn the power off.
[4] Study the components listed in the "Possible Problem Area" section of each test instruction.
[5] After you have found and corrected a suspected problem, repeat the failed test.

We sell the Tiny Tech at cost to MIDItools® purchasers because we believe it is an invaluable tool. Don't build a MIDItools® without one.

Click here to view the Tiny Tech User Manual

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